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I am an Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. I received my BA at Columbia University and then completed my PhD and postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University. My research on diversity in organizations focuses on mindsets and intergroup relations (stereotyping, prejudice, and inequity). In one program of research, I study mindsets that promote belonging, commitment, and achievement among minorities and women in domains where they are underrepresented and negatively stereotyped. In another program of research, I investigate how mindsets shape individuals’, organizations’, and societies’ ability to foster positive interactions among diverse group members (across gender, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation status), particularly after individuals express explicit sexism or bias. My research has been published in the top journals in social psychology and organizational behavior, and featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the Huffington Post among others.

I teach about leadership, diversity, and negotiations at London Business School, and I'm the co-director of the newly launched LGBTQ+ Executive Leadership Program


London Business School


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Email: arattan@london.edu


  • Social change

  • Intergroup interactions

  • Responses to prejudice

  • The legitimisation of inequality in society

  • Diversity ideologies.


Interested in learning more about Mindsets & Diversity?

In addition to checking out the papers on my Publications page, check out the Lab Activities page for magazine articles on the research. If you or your organization want to start a conversation about how the research can inform your workplace, email me. 

Interested in doing research on Mindsets & Diversity?

Contact me about volunteer research assistant opportunities if you are interested in learning how to apply social psychological research methods to mindsets and diversity. No experience necessary, just enthusiasm and a desire to learn.