July 2018 | Pride special: busting workplace assumptions around LGBTQ+
London Business School Review
London Business School (LBS) students and faculty joined forces to explore some of the assumptions that LGBTQ+ people can face at work and the ways organisations can best support them.
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Speaking engagements
I enjoy sharing research with organizations and leaders. My talks tend to focus on mindsets, diversity, and sense of belonging in organizations, though I am happy to speak on other topics relevant to my research and teaching. 
Recent talks:
  • Government Equalities Office, July 2018 

  • The European House – Ambrosetti Global Future of Leadership Conference, June 2018

  • Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy Conference on Gender & Technology: Debiasing Tech, June 2018

  • Environmental Defense Fund, October 2017

  • Hotels.com, October 2017

For inquiries about speaking engagements, please contact Aneeta Rattan at arattan@london.edu