Lab Members

Oriane Georgeac is a sixth-year PhD student in Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. She currently investigates (1) how perceptions of diversity in organizations influence people’s attitudes towards minorities, and (2) how various discourses used to promote diversity in the workplace relate to psychological essentialism and stereotyping. She holds a Master’s in Management from HEC Paris, and an MSc in cognitive science from University Paris Descartes (Paris V), with a specialization in cognitive psychology.

Ezgi Ozgumus joined London Business School as a doctoral student in Organizational Behavior in 2018. At LBS, Ezgi is interested in examining strategies to promote women’s sense of belonging to their workplace, and investigate ways to enhance women’s resilience to adversity. Prior to her PhD studies, Ezgi earned a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology and most recently worked in Purdue University as a Lab Manager.

Eva is a PhD student in the Organisational Behaviour programme at London Business School. Her research interests focus on topics related to mindsets, organisational culture, and intergroup relations. Prior to her PhD, Eva has a background in professional services across financial audit, consulting, and software design. Through her work with Fortune 500 companies, Eva gained first-hand experience of the knowledge gaps prevalent in modern businesses, and found that these aligned closely with her academic research interests. Eva holds a BSc in Business from UC Berkeley and a MSc in Finance from London Business School.

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Lab Alumni

Lily Jampol, Queen Mary Business School

Lily Jampol’s research broadly concerns understanding the way in which factors outside our awareness impact our judgments and decisions and ultimately our well-being. Lily currently has two streams of research: One examining how covert, subtle biases in the way we communicate can affect equality in the workplace, and the other understanding how our well-being and happiness is affected by what we choose to buy. Lily uses quantitative methods to analyse behavioural data and collaborates with psychologists, economists, and business practitioners on interdisciplinary projects.

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